The idea for this story started way back in the 90’s when I couldnt get Phil Collin’s song, ‘Another Day in Paradise’ out of my head, which was about homeless people. It inspired me to write about a young woman, who ended up being homeless  through no fault of her own, the orginal story was a bit rubbish, so I ended up scraping it, but I kept the female character tweaking her a bit in my head because she was far to interesting to just forget about.  So A few year later,  I was thought up another idea for a story but which also ended was going nowhere,  So I took the main Male character from that and melded them both into the one story, and Adam amd Rachel suddenly became aquainted with each other, in my modern Cinderella type tale, and it just took off from there.


Rachel Crosby – She was always going to be a feisty fighter having had a lot to deal with in her life, she feels passionatly about helping the shelter for battered women because of her own experiences, and knowing that someone had helped her just when she was at her lowest point, so she feels she needs to help others in the same position as she once was, having great empathy for them.

She dedicates her life to helping others, and doesn’t have any real interest in love and romance, espicially as she was left scarred by her abusive relationship in the past, which is why she is particuarly prickly around the male sex, the fact the Adam Maxwell is rich anda Male and  is a threat the the womens shelter, she feels very much she has to fight for the underdog when she takes him on, and why she is determined to not let him off easily or be intimidated by him.

Adam Maxwell –  Adam has certainly lived a more privileged and comfortable life than Rachel could ever dream of.  But despite being surrounded by wealth, his personal family life is not so great, espicially when his mother dies and his father remarries, at a young age Adam finds huimself having to take charge of the family and the business to keep it from his greedy step mother and her son’s hands.  So he has to grow up very quickly, and one of the little quirks of his character became that he always seemed very formal and business like in his dealings with people, because everyone looks to him to take charge and fix their problems, so he finds himself falling into this role more and more as he gets older, espicially when his first wife divorces him only to marry his stepbrother, then the loss of his younger brother with his wife and children in a tragic car accident, only makes him withdraw more into himself, feeling he has to be strong for his father, and keep everything running smoothly.

When Rachel Crosby comes along, accusing him of being cruel and uncaring, and speaking to him in a confrontational manner, he finds her intriguing and wants to find out more about her. Then he realises they both have a dilemma, so he forms an audicious plan in his head .that he figures could solve both their problems, all he has to do is convince Rachel  thats its what they both need.